ATK-KEE Reuse Press Packet

ATK-KEE Equipment Drive Step-by-Step Planner and Press Packet (2018) (docx) (pdf)

Table of Contents by Topic:

Step-by-Step Equipment Donation Drive Planner (docx) (pdf)

Event Planner: Quick Start Guide (docx) (pdf)

Step-by-Step Public Awareness Planner (Template) (docx) (pdf fillable form)

Talking Points (Template) (docx) (pdf fillable form)

Press Release (Templates) (docx) (pdf fillable form)

Public Service Announcements (PSA) (Templates)

Event Flyer (Example) (Templates) (docx) (pdf fillable form)

Newspaper Ads: Strategies (pdf)

Short Messages (Templates)

Community Service TV Channel/PowerPoint Presentation Slide (Template) (pptx)

Resource: ATK-KEE: How to Plan a DME Donation Drive Webinar Recording

ATK-KEE Equipment Drive Photo Collage (Before 2018)

ATK-KEE Reuse Director Interview during a Reuse Drive in Topeka, KS by KSNT, Channel 27, Topeka

KSNT, Topeka, KS made this video footage available to the Assistive Technology for Kansans KEE Reuse program, highlighting a durable medical equipment drive held in Topeka (2009). Sara Sack, ATK-KEE director talks about the benefits of reusing high quality equipment for people who need it. The equipment is accepted, refurbished as needed and given to a Kansan who needs it. For more information about the ATK-KEE Reuse program, call 1-800-526-3648.